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In what situations, in your opinion, are the rights of the disabled violated most frequently?

Red tape or denial of benefits - 0%
Refusal to provide disability group - 0%
Refusal to hire - 0%
Infringement of the right to labor remuneration - 0%
Denial of admission to the educational institution - 0%
Red tape or denial of rehabilitation equipment - 0%
Red tape or denial of accommodation - 0%
Unavailability of social infrastructure facilities - 0%
Denial of admission to the public establishment - 0%
Attitudinal barriers, distancing of the people - 0%
Others - 0%

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The voting for this poll has ended on: 12 Dec 2012 - 18:13

    Reconstruction of Public Facilities Project

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     Accessible Sberbank Project (2,4Mb, pdf)


    In accordance with the Russian and international law, everyone, including the disabled, should have access to all modern urban infrastructure opportunities and public facilities.

    Given the fact that there are more than 13 million disabled people in Russia, and the number of physically challenged people totals one third of the Russian population, the establishment of accessible environments can provide an additional inflow of customers and users in various business segments, including the service sector.

    Public facilities reconstruction project intended for adjustment of such facilities for the disabled and physically challenged people consists of two directions:

    1. comprehensive provision of unhindered access for the disabled and physically challenged people to social infrastructure facilities, where the public and service areas are located – public authorities, medical institutions, trade facilities (markets, shops), service organizations (banks, beauty salons, public amenities centers, tailoring shops, etc.), catering, sports facilities, recreation, cultural, entertainment and other facilities with the adjacent territory.

    Reconstruction of public facilities includes the following activities:
    • equipping the adjacent territory;
    • equipping the access to the buildings (entrance, movement and escape routes);
    • equipping the elevators and elevator halls;
    • equipping the building with audiovisual devices;
    • equipping catering areas;
    • equipping sanitary protection zones;
    • other activities.

    An integrated organization of an accessible environment for the disabled in the banks serves as an example of the project implementation;

    2. adaptation of transport and transport infrastructure:

    Adaptation of transport and transport infrastructure includes the following activities:
    • equipping the transport with lifting devices;
    • equipping the transport with audiovisual devices;
    • organization of free movement on the sidewalks and pedestrian crossing;
    • organization of bus stops accessibility;
    • other activities.

    We are ready to implement the above projects in any Russian region and city. If you are interested in the project implementation, contact us.