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In what situations, in your opinion, are the rights of the disabled violated most frequently?

Red tape or denial of benefits - 0%
Refusal to provide disability group - 0%
Refusal to hire - 0%
Infringement of the right to labor remuneration - 0%
Denial of admission to the educational institution - 0%
Red tape or denial of rehabilitation equipment - 0%
Red tape or denial of accommodation - 0%
Unavailability of social infrastructure facilities - 0%
Denial of admission to the public establishment - 0%
Attitudinal barriers, distancing of the people - 0%
Others - 0%

Total votes: 0
The voting for this poll has ended on: 12 Dec 2012 - 18:13

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    PROAMCO showroom employs experienced disabled consultants. The equipment of our partners represented in the showroom is demonstrated in practice – for that purpose we have completely adapted a closet for the people with different disabilities.

    The consultants of InvaDom online store are also represented by the disabled professionals. That is why we dare state that our managers know firsthand what to recommend to the disabled customers. In addition, based on the results of discussions with the public organizations of the disabled, we found out that the disabled customers and their close relatives have more confidence in the disabled sales consultants.