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In what situations, in your opinion, are the rights of the disabled violated most frequently?

Red tape or denial of benefits - 0%
Refusal to provide disability group - 0%
Refusal to hire - 0%
Infringement of the right to labor remuneration - 0%
Denial of admission to the educational institution - 0%
Red tape or denial of rehabilitation equipment - 0%
Red tape or denial of accommodation - 0%
Unavailability of social infrastructure facilities - 0%
Denial of admission to the public establishment - 0%
Attitudinal barriers, distancing of the people - 0%
Others - 0%

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    Employment of the Disabled Project

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    Developing and expanding the scope of activities, any company has to become socially responsible.

    PROAMCO, being a socially responsible company and realizing the importance of social integration and adaptation of disabled people, has decided to show its social responsibility, implementing the project for the employment of the disabled.

    Our company is engaged not only in the employment of the people with disabilities, but also actively encourages them to participate in our projects and in the projects of our partners.

    Rather than following the path of charity, PROAMCO decided to make a voluntary contribution to the issue of inclusion of the disabled in the labor market, increasing their economic independence, social significance and unlocking their professional potential.

    It is important for us to turn the principle of diversity into our corporate principle, to apply it from day to day upon selecting the staff, upon training and professional development, to see the results of its application and to share our experiences with the partners.

    The basic feature of social projects implemented by PROAMCO in respect of the disabled people lies in diversity; we do not create a kind of reservation for the persons with disabilities, we are ready to cooperate with them!

    Another distinctive feature of PROAMCO’s social projects is that we are planning to engage the disabled workers with different types of disability (visually impaired, hearing-impaired and the people with musculoskeletal disorders).

    Engaging the people with disabilities, we help this category of employees to:

    • become aware of their social significance,
    • increase the economic independence,
    • unlock their professional potential,
    • adapt and integrate into the social life.

    Following the implementation of the project for the employment of the disabled, the employer gets:

    • disciplined, responsible, reliable, polite and accurate employees, who are generally loyal to their employers and colleagues;
    • highly-motivated employees;
    • employees observing labor safety requirements.

    In addition, the employment of the people with disabilities has a positive effect on the performance of other employees and improves morale environment.

    Show your social responsibility in the employment of the disabled people.

    We are ready to cooperate with you in launching the projects for the employment of the disabled. If you are interested in the project implementation, contact us.