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In what situations, in your opinion, are the rights of the disabled violated most frequently?

Red tape or denial of benefits - 0%
Refusal to provide disability group - 0%
Refusal to hire - 0%
Infringement of the right to labor remuneration - 0%
Denial of admission to the educational institution - 0%
Red tape or denial of rehabilitation equipment - 0%
Red tape or denial of accommodation - 0%
Unavailability of social infrastructure facilities - 0%
Denial of admission to the public establishment - 0%
Attitudinal barriers, distancing of the people - 0%
Others - 0%

Total votes: 0
The voting for this poll has ended on: 12 Dec 2012 - 18:13

    Accessible Environment Social Project

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    Accessible Environment Social Project presentation by Proamco (3,1Mb, pdf)


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    The main purpose of Accessible Environment Social Project is the establishment of the environment, equally accessible to all members of society in the key areas of life (such as health, transport, information, communication, education, social welfare, sports, culture, housing).

    PROAMCO’s key objective is the application of an integrated approach to the process of ensuring the environment accessibility for the disabled and other physically challenged people – from designing and construction of the infrastructure facilities to facilities equipping.

    The project is implemented as follows:

    • development of design solutions relating to the organization of accessible living environment for the disabled and other physically challenged people, creating a comprehensive infrastructure for comfortable living of the people with all types of disabilities;
    • reconstruction of public facilities in order to provide barrier-free access and increase the level of accessibility of these facilities and services for the disabled and other physically challenged people. An integrated organization of an accessible environment in the banks serves an example of the project implementation;
    • provision of services by a regional service company – operator, delivering a range of services to the disabled, the elderly and other physically challenged people, including the services of the management company and the establishment of the Help Button social service (a unique project, involving medical, social, emergency and personal care service intended for provision of a range of services to the disabled, sick, single and senior people). We are ready to organize Help Button social service in any Russian region and city;
    • opening of a showroom and InvaDom online store. The concept of our online store significantly differs from similar online resources, since InvaDom will present the best possible range of products for the disabled and the organizations supporting the establishment of an accessible environment, from diapers, canes and wheelchairs to the ramps, information and navigation systems, closet and kitchen equipment, and even the services relating to individual interior design with unlimited opportunities. PROAMCO showroom employs experienced disabled consultants. The equipment of our partners represented in the showroom is demonstrated in practice – for that purpose we have completely adapted a closet for the people with different disabilities;
    • involvement of the Russian and foreign inventors for the purpose of implementation of joint projects – the developers of innovative equipment, devices, technologies and techniques for the disabled and senior citizens, the promotion of such developments on the Russian market;

    implementation of the projects aimed at employment of the disabled with different disabilities. We realize that nowadays the professionals with disabilities are a reliable source of inflow of the disciplined, responsible, accurate, industrious and highly-motivated employees, who are generally loyal to their employers and colleagues. Employment of the disabled is one of the possible ways for the companies to display their social responsibility. And in this area, we decided to start with ourselves, the consultants of InvaDom online store are also represented by the disabled professionals. That is why we dare state that our managers know firsthand what to recommend to the disabled customers. In addition, we involve the persons with disabilities in participation in other projects and are ready to implement similar projects in cooperation with you.