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In what situations, in your opinion, are the rights of the disabled violated most frequently?

Red tape or denial of benefits - 0%
Refusal to provide disability group - 0%
Refusal to hire - 0%
Infringement of the right to labor remuneration - 0%
Denial of admission to the educational institution - 0%
Red tape or denial of rehabilitation equipment - 0%
Red tape or denial of accommodation - 0%
Unavailability of social infrastructure facilities - 0%
Denial of admission to the public establishment - 0%
Attitudinal barriers, distancing of the people - 0%
Others - 0%

Total votes: 0
The voting for this poll has ended on: 12 Dec 2012 - 18:13

    About Company

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        PROAMCO Ltd is a joint Finnish-Russian company. The establishment of the company is the result of a long-term partnership.

    PROAMCO Ltd specializes in the implementation of projects related to the professional planning and integrated management of an accessible environment for the disabled persons using advanced international technology and practices.

    Company's Mission

    PROAMCO's mission lies in providing a barrier-free environment for the people with disabilities, their integration into society and full inclusion in all spheres of life.

    Company's Goals:

    - overcoming the physical and information barriers, impeding the equal access for the disabled and other physically challenged people to the facilities and services;
    - introduction on the Russian market of the advanced international practices for the organization of barrier-free environment and use of universal design technology;
    - accumulation of the full range of products and services for the disabled, as well as the latest technologies and developments in this area.

    Company's Objectives

    A comprehensive approach to ensuring the accessibility of the environment for the disabled and other physically challenged people – from designing and construction of the infrastructure facilities to facilities equipping, sale of goods and services – is Company's key objective.

    Company's Activities

    Company's activities are characterized by the professional experience, progressiveness and best practices.
    PROAMCO plans to introduce in the Russian market the best Western technology and practice. In Russia, this project is supported at the highest national level.
    Our company works in close cooperation with social agencies, public organizations and politicians, authorized decision-makers.
    Due to its vast experience and network of partners, PROAMCO is a strong player in the field of accessible environment.
    Nowadays, PROAMCO's partners are the leading Russian design institutes, international universal design organizations and accessible environment organizations, architects and designers, designing the interior with unlimited opportunities, inventors, developers and major suppliers of equipment and assistive devices for the disabled, which aim at creating an accessible environment, public organizations of the disabled.
    We are always open to new perspectives and are willing to consider the possibility of establishing new partnership relations.